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Yep, haven't used this in over a year, and started using Facebook instead. In case anyone didn't get friended:

It's been a rough year, but things are finally looking up again. :)


Still playing the paperwork hell game with UNH to get them to recognize all of my credits, give me loan money to pay them, etc., but it's better now.

My tiny little dorm room is air conditioned. This is a beautiful thing. :)


Vampires Suck

I'm not a big fan of the Movie series, but I might be tempted for one that's taking aim at the Twilight series.

My Totem is Lemming!

Fill in the blank!

"Hey Katt, what's your favorite _______?"


As frustrations abound...

 I figured I'd share this.  Plus, it's amusing and short.


 I did my last presentation today for my MBA.

Pending more billing and registrar fun, I should be done now.  Woo!


 Sprained wrist at Madrigal.  I threw all my weight onto my wrist accidentally while dodging a packet.

At least I dodged the packet.

Typing is tricky for a while.  Writing the final report for the internship will be interesting if this doesn't get better.


Dude. Just, like, dude.

That was a lot. A really, graphic amount of a lot. I have Momma Skye's mantle now.

More later. Also, moo.

General Update thing

-  Faerie godmother got me a possible interview at the Federal Savings Bank in Boston.  Clearly, faerie godmothers are critical.  Nonetheless, job search continues.

-  Had 23rd birthday.  No longer 22-year-old contortionist.  The next number on the list just doesn't have the same ring. 

-  I got through the hooding ceremony.  My mom AND my brother were in town for the former (even better, my sister-in-law wasn't, which meant I actually got to see my brother in a relaxed, happy state) and, just, my family was there.  It doesn't happen often, and it's really cool when it actually happens.

-  I hate group work.  Having to work on writing a twenty-five page paper when I've already thrown up twice that night is unnecessary.  The paper still sucked.  At least the useless group member will be getting boned for it.  Who the hell gets a paper bound without doing a quick scan through?  At LEAST just UNHIGHLIGHT the unedited bits!